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eHarmony Site Design Review

This website is devoted to looking at the user interface of eHarmony and other online dating sites. Over the years the structure of the websites have changed dramatically. This is due to extensive A/B testing. The current design of dark blue and happy, smiling people in the background is not an accident. It has been proven to convert up to 30% better than other, previous designs. It also coincides with the imagery and branding of the commercials and print media (such as magazines and other books you can buy in the supermarket or store). The phrase “Now Free To Communicate” has also been shown to convert very highly. eHarmony spends millions of dollars every year, testing and retesting various designs and user interfaces. People want something for free. It doesn’t matter what it is, as long as they are getting perceived value out of it., on the other hand seems to have the “shotgun approach” when it comes to design of their personals website. There are over 25 images of people (men and women) shown on the home page of the website. The colors are bright and lively and indicate that it is a more of a casual approach to the online dating concept. While there is no denying that both eHarmony and are different websites, it is interesting to note that both are highly successful in the chosen niche. eHarmony tends to target more affluent people (due to the high subscription cost, as compared to or other similar online dating sites) and Match seems to go for the meat-market approach where you message as many people as you can and hope that one responds. One of the ways that eHarmony competes with in price is that they offer an online promotional code, which results in a significant savings. There are websites such as who compile all of the eHarmony promo codes and then list them for people to use. We find such sites like this very useful, and their design does not need to be intricate or complex, due to the nature of the users intent: Find a coupon code for eHarmony as quickly as possible.

See the below video: It was created by a 3rd party advertising agency whom were tasked with created a fresh new approach to the eHarmony brand. If you recall 5-10 years ago, all you saw on t.v. were the “sappy” lovey-dovey videos that turned people’s stomachs. eHarmony saw this, and realized they needed a more down to earth approach. Then we saw Dr. Neil Clark Warren come back to the position as CEO in the company, and he made several guest appearances in their commercials. The new commercials focus on humor, and include relevant culture, such as making fun of the recent success of Tinder:

Video Title: “eHarmony” by In The Thicket.

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